Clubs' operation market segment will triple its value in the following 4 years

The number of courts worldwide is expected to more than double to 84,000 by 2026, according to a report by consultants Deloitte and Playtomic, a sports booking app, as investors back developments in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Deloitte, Clubs' operation segment forecast 2026

According to Financial Times, the popularity of padel in the Gulf region has seen a significant surge.

"In the Gulf, the number of courts has increased from 20 in 2016 to 1,850 last year, with United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar leading the surge."
Padel executives are optimistic that Riyadh's recent initiatives in sports can fuel even more interest and investment. Moreover, the professional world of padel is witnessing intense competition with the emergence of Premier Padel, a new tour initiated by Qatar Sports Investment, the same state-backed entity that owns the renowned Paris Saint-Germain football club
The Gulf holds the last three spots in the World Top 15!

Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) has secured an epic agreement with Damm to acquire the World Padel Tour (WPT).

This move will merge Premier Padel and WPT into a singular global professional padel tour under the International Padel Federation.

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, Chairman of QSI: “This is an historic moment for padel... As the fastest-growing sport globally, QSI is proud to be at the heart of its global evolution. We're thrilled for what’s next.”
Demetrio Carceller Arce, Damm’s Executive Chairman: “The World Padel Tour is now on a new path with QSI, accelerating international growth. Padel has become the world’s fastest-growing sport, a feat we’re proud to have played a part in.”
[Read the full announcement here:]
After the formation of a unified league, two players will remain, small one is A1 Padel

A1 Padel secured investment from the parent company of the New York Yankees.

In a recent list of major investment deals, A1 Padel stands out as the latest addition before QSI deal
How the QSI Deal Could Make Padel Olympic: When Will Padel Join the Olympics? The Journey to Olympic Recognition
Who plays padel in 2023? Not just Zlatan and Messi!

Indeed, professional sports and investments in padel are fascinating, but let's not forget about padel tourism.

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Мatcha club, Dubai, Dubai, UAE
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